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Seventh Annual Jamboree - Timeline

11:30 am         Assembly onto Field

12:00 pm        Commencement Activities

12:30 pm        Games Played

1:45 pm          Food Service

2:00 pm          Post-Game Activities {Bouncers/Magician/etc.}

4:00 pm          Event Closure

We’ve developed the following tentative timeline for Jamboree 2017: 

On Sunday, September 17 (rain date, September 24) the Long Island Challenger Jamboree will take place at John Burns Park on Merrick Road in Massapequa. The Park is about 2.5 miles east of Rt 135 and about 1 mile west of Rt 110. If the parking lot fills up there is overflow parking at Marjorie Post Park across the street. Public Safety will assist.  The east parking will be designated for wheelchair and walker parking only. Everyone should meet in the southern part of the park, near the baseball fields and Show mobile. There will be signs in the park with the name of each town participating in the Jamboree for people to congregate near and to help everyone meet up with their team.  

We plan on having a short Opening Ceremony near the Concession Hut followed by a game. Everyone will play a game with a team from different town. During the game, each coach will receive each player’s Jamboree Recognition Items for distribution at the conclusion of their game AT THEIR FIELD. After that there will be a food tent with drinks, hamburgers and hot dogs. Fun activities will commence during the food service.

Below find a layout of the Jamboree Grounds!

We kindly request that only those with wheelchairs or assistive walking devices please park at the East Parking Lot.

We are looking forward to seeing you....



Field #              Level                Team 1                                     Team 2 

1                      C                      MCLL C-1                                MCLL C-2

2                      C                      MCLL C-3                                SACHEM C

3                      A                      SACHEM ARROWS                EMLL METS

4                      A                      MCLL A+                                  L. I. YANKEES

5                      C                      LALL C                                    MCLL C-4

7                     B                      MCLL B-2                                  MERILLON B+

8                      B                      LALL B                        PLAINVIEW B / ROSLYN B

9                      B                      MCLL A-                                   EMLL DUCKS 1&2

10                     B                      MCLL B-1                                SACHEM BRAVES

Front Field      A                      STARZ                                 EMLL



Long Island Challenger Baseball Jamboree
c/o Lindenhurst American Little League
PMB 226
654-D North Wellwood Avenue
Lindenhurst NY 11757